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San Jose, CA

Specializing in event stationery (but not limited to), my goal is to give you the opportunity to express your personality and style through design that exemplifies you. With over 10+ years in the design world and loving every second of it, coupled with my innate nature to help others, and being the planner at heart that I am, allow me to provide a one-of-kind design experience. Simply stated, Rita Alexis Design is smitten with all things design.



Rita Alexis Design blog's mission is to share knowledge for design + paper through super informative and beautifully curated posts. I hope to share my love for wedding stationery and design theory with anyone and everyone interested in the world of design!

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Mama's Day Mini Card Freebie!

Rita Garcia

With Mother's Day around the corner, you should definitely take some time to make sure you're honoring that special little lady. In addition to your flowers, chocolates, spa dates, or dinners out, give them this pretty little card (along with some awesome personal words from you)! And don't worry, grandma gets one, too Grab yours below!

RAD DIY St. Patrick's Day Mini Party Hats

Rita Garcia

Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day! While everyone wears green, you'll bring the bright and colorfulness to the party by wearing this fun Mini Party Hat! I know, I know... this isn't exactly wedding stationery... but I love a good paper DIY!


Alrighty, so here's what you'll need:

  • RAD Mini Party Hat Printable
  • Cardstock paper for the crown (or gold cardstock)
  • Colorful Pom Poms
  • Tissue paper or crepe paper
  • Glue gun
  • Double sided tape
  • scissors
  • hole puncher (although, unnecessary)
  • ribbon/string


  1. Print out the RAD Mini Party Hat Printable here on cardstock paper (gold for extra oomph)
  2. Cut out the the printable and trim out the holes on the sides (Hole puncher or mini hole puncher works)
  3. String the ribbon/string into the sides of the crown, and either glue-gun, tape, or tie a knot.
  4. Cut about 2 inches high and 8 inches long of crepe paper/tissue paper. Fold the paper vertically in half so now your paper is 1 inch by 8 inches.
  5. Now you're going to either grab your fringe scissors or regular scissors and cut across (not all the way!)
  6. Tape or glue-gun the fringe paper inside the cap.
  7. Now put your hat together and tape or glue-gun it together.
  8. Grab your colorful pom poms and decorate as you please!
  9. Wear it with colorful pride!


RAD Valentine's Day Hangtag Freebie

Rita Garcia

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for love. And although Valentine's Day is deemed as a commercial holiday, I don't see any problem with showing the ones you love a little extra mushiness today. So, of course, I designed some adorable little hang tags for you to hang onto whatever gift you decide to spoil your loved ones with. Candies? Date Night? A bottle of wine? Whatever your loved ones like, these sweet little hang tags will hug them perfectly.



  • Hang tag printable
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch (not necessary)
  • String/Ribbon


  1. Print out your favorite hang tag.
  2. Trim with scissors and punch a hole at the top.
  3. Grab your favorite string (bakers twine or some lovely satin ribbon) and wrap accordingly.

December RAD Wallpaper

Rita Garcia

Ahh.. December. We don't get the white Christmas here in the Bay Area, California... but it is freezing. And by freezing, I mean, it's like 50 degrees, so it's freezing by California standards. Download your December wallpaper today!

Cinco De Mayo Piñata Card Printable

Rita Garcia

Hola, mis amores! In honor of Cinco de Mayo (and half my ethnicity), go ahead and have a craft party with a little margaRITAs on the side! Most people do not know I am half Mexican, because my other ethnicity half (Filipino) is pretty dominant, however, I've always viewed myself as more Mexican and have been fascinated with the color, hospitality and vibrancy that the Mexican culture encompasses.

As a child, piñatas were always an icon of what I loved growing up (and kind of as an adult, if I'm being honest)--color and candy! I want you to have a fun and easy-to-create piñata card! Vamanos chiquitas (os) Follow along below:

SIDE NOTE: For a little historical education, Cinco de Mayo IS a Mexican holiday that commemorates the Battle of Puebla (victory over the French). So, let's celebrate the culture and not stereotype it, ok? K!


Here's what you'll need:

  1. Piñata Card Design (see link below)
  2. Cardstock to print on
  3. Streamers (I use red, white, green... cause Viva Mexico!)
  4. Scissors
  5. Fringe scissors (although not necessary)
  6. Glue (Elmer's Glue, Hot Glue Gun) or Tape (Double sided or the glue dots)


  1. Grab your cardstock and place it in the printer.
  2. Print out this design (see link below)
  3. Use your scissors to cut out the card.
  4. Keep the card flat, do not fold over yet.
  5. Now to the crafty part! Grab your streamers and cut them to the width of the card.
  6. Now cut the streamers in half vertically, so you'll have thin long stripes.
  7. Fringing time! If you have fringe scissors, it will go much fast and add some texture. If you don't, you'll just have to cut each fringe one-by-one. (Hint, double up the streamers)
  8. Now that you have your fringies ready, place them on the card as you please!
  9. When you're happy with the placement, bring out the glue or tape. Start at the top and make your way down. You're more than welcome to do the back of the card too!
  10. Fold over the card and MIRA! You have a piñata card!

Now grab your tequila filled margaRITA and brighten someone's day with this piñata card!


RAD March Cellphone Wallpaper Giveaway

Rita Garcia

Happy March, friends! In honor of this lucky and Spring-ful month, I've designed a fun little cellphone wallpaper for you all! 


To download this wallpaper, click the button below and sign up. Easy, peasy. :)