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San Jose, CA

Specializing in event stationery (but not limited to), my goal is to give you the opportunity to express your personality and style through design that exemplifies you. With over 10+ years in the design world and loving every second of it, coupled with my innate nature to help others, and being the planner at heart that I am, allow me to provide a one-of-kind design experience. Simply stated, Rita Alexis Design is smitten with all things design.

Faithful Rita


Rita Gunderson

The self-proclaimed organized, innate-planning, sports-enthused creative with a whole lot of heart. I’m the humble creative soul behind award-winning designs with over eleven years of experience in the design industry, crafting high-level brands, developing a team of two to a team of ten; and who rose from every position to the next level because I love to learn and be challenged. I’m the non-boastful designer who will put her nose to the sketchbook and tablet to hit that impossible deadline. I'm the art director who leads the team, instills processes, and grows each member to their fullest capacity. I’m that person who did/does all this and credits the team of loyal designers around me, because they deserve all the glory as much as I do. I’m also that gamer babe who can probably outplay some of the fellas around her, and do it with perfect form because I grew up the coach's daughter.

Curious for more? Check out my résumé and extended portfolio here.


  • Worked alongside the creative director to to not only design multiple award-winning designs and concepts, but to win more clientele within Schipper Design+.
  • While with HH Global for Google, I grew the team of two designers to a team of ten creatives (including creative director, project manager and a CEO) who now have their own design studio.
  • Additionally, while growing the team within Google, I was able to train the design team to keep the standard of design constantly up-leveling, teaching them about print production, time management, and mentorship. During this time, I also developed processes to streamline and prevent errors, ensure the account managers were giving proper creative briefs, and the design team had adequate time and space to design in peace.
  • With eleven + years of design experience, ranging from print, packaging, advertisements, front-end web, large brands, small brands, sports brands, to event design, and starting my own company while I was planning/designing/directing my own wedding (and working a full time job), project and time management is second nature to me.


  • Multiple award-winning designs. 
  • Personally recognized from the Google Fiber team as one of their top brand partners.
  • Stationery suites featured in multiple blogs.
  • Earned titles of Valedictorian for high school and college academics.
  • Earned titles of Most Valuable Player with softball, volleyball, and football teams.

For more on my portfolio, check out the LOGOS, PRINT, PACKAGING, DIGITAL, and EVENT STATIONERY.


Title: Senior Designer / Art Director
Company: HH Global for Google Americas

Working alongside the Google Fiber marketing team, I was an integral part in developing the brand look-and-feel for all collateral during their initial launching phase. I led the brand development and guidelines for other agencies and designers to adhere to; including a team of designers I oversaw. This brand development was from initial concept, to developing print collateral, all the way to print management.

Title: Designer
Company: Schipper Design+

From the sketchbook of a young and wide-eyed version of myself, I designed the logo and brand guidelines for B&R Farms. I designed packaging, collateral, tradeshow pieces, to advertisements. Additionally, I developed a lovely relationship with the owners of the farm who treated me like family.

Title: Creative Director and Designer
Company: Rita Alexis Design

With my high school coach asking me to not only help coach this volleyball traveling club, I led all creative and marketing efforts. From logo, colors, apparel, to banners, ticket stubs, and social media management. It was a wonderful feeling to give back to my community and help coach the sport I absolutely love.

Title: Designer and Photo Stylist
Company: Rita Alexis Design, Schipper Design+

Styling and art direction has always been a huge part of my skillset as I've perfected my design skill. From initial concepting and art directing the Chef Essentials for The Ginger People under Schipper Design+, to designing and art directing my own design wedding suites and design collateral, I absolutely love all things design.

Title: Creative Director and Designer
Company: Rita Alexis Design

My very own wedding kept in theme with my husband and my love for sports.


Title: Designer, Art Director
Company: 3marketeers

As my first large project (which took over a year to develop), the entire team (VP of account development, our three programmers, and one other art director) was on board to take on this project. A Drupal CMS website should have been hardwork, however, considering the client wanted it not only to be a content management system, but also a design management system; it proved to be a challenge on all fronts. With all the team on board, we had long nights for months on end. When the other art director went on a month and half vacation, and our VP of account development went on vacation for a week during the same period, I was left to art direct, lead daily client calls, do all design, and work directly with the programming team. Mind you, this was merely two months before my own personal planning and design project–my wedding. However, I was able to do it all (sans lots of hours of sleep), without the client or the programming team noticing a difference (well, maybe my hair was a little less groomed), and all before my one year marker at the company.

Title: Designer, Art Director
Company: 3marketeers

With the Invisalign company bringing out a new brand, our company was the first to test it in the "wild" for things digital. I designed and art directed the email campaign along with the landing page. We were able to send over suggestions of how to better implement brand standards on all things digital.


Title: Lead Designer
Company: Schipper Design+

Red Blossom Farms was probably one of the more fun brands I was honored to work on–and not because the product is delicious. The marketing manager allowed me to let my creative mind roam free. We were able to create the "Sweet" campaign with actual sugar (the strawberries are that sweet, they don't need sugar). Another campaign, we were able to create real textured imagery atop of my sketches to add that whimsical feel. And lastly, in one campaign we were able to create this beautiful kaleidoscope look of the beautiful product that the brand grew.

Title: Lead Designer
Company: Schipper Design+

Another fun project we were honored to work on year in and year out was with Shakespeare Santa Cruz–designing their annual season "look" and the accompanying play artwork. Creative, thematic, and bold were the directions we let our minds flourish in designing these amazing pieces. I was the lead designer who worked hand-in-hand with the creative director and client to concept, design, and create all creative collateral.