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San Jose, CA

Specializing in event stationery (but not limited to), my goal is to give you the opportunity to express your personality and style through design that exemplifies you. With over 10+ years in the design world and loving every second of it, coupled with my innate nature to help others, and being the planner at heart that I am, allow me to provide a one-of-kind design experience. Simply stated, Rita Alexis Design is smitten with all things design.



Rita Alexis Design blog's mission is to share knowledge for design + paper through super informative and beautifully curated posts. I hope to share my love for wedding stationery and design theory with anyone and everyone interested in the world of design!

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Introducing The Lucca [RAD Minivite Launch]

Rita Garcia


Alas, we've come to the last, but certainly not least, suite unveiling of RAD Minivite Wedding Collection. Last drumroll please... Introducing The Lucca! A little behind the scenes inspiration:

Surprise, surprise… another Tuscan city :) The city of Lucca is a walled city with beautiful gothic architecture–hence the dark muted colors. But if you know me, you know i'm a fan of color. The pop of color in the suite mimic the ray of light that shines through the stained-glass windows of these gothic cathedrals. Check out all the bold details on the site today! 

And don't forget about the other suites–The Positano, The Firenze, The Ravenna, and The Venezia, or else they might get a little jealous ;P Tomorrow is the last day to grab ahold of those awesome Launch Goodies, so don't forget to purchase your RAD Minivite to be eligible!

Want to see the entire collection? Check out the RAD Minivite Collection Page below:

Introducing The Venezia Suite [RAD Minivite Launch]

Rita Garcia


And then there were two... left! This next suite definitely packs a punch! It is one my heart flutters for with it's boldness! Introducing this bad gal, The Venezia of the RAD Minivite Wedding Collection! A little behind the scenes inspiration:

Venice or Venezia as the Italians call it, with it’s water labyrinthine calli (streets), marble palaces, and colorful buildings makes it one of the most fantastical cities. And if you play your times correctly, you’ll even experience pedestrians turn into masked creatures during the Carnivale! Magical, bold, and fantastical. Check out all the cute details below!

Introducing the Ravenna Suite [RAD Minivite Launch]

Rita Garcia


We're half way through RAD Minivite Wedding Collection introductions! Next up is The Ravenna! A little behind the scenes inspiration:

Ravenna is a city my heart longs for as it is known for its beautiful and colorful mosaics that adorn awe-inspiring churches and architecture. Check out all the cute details on the site today! 

Introducing The Firenze Suite [RAD MINIVITE LAUNCH]

Rita Garcia


Over the next couple of days, I will be introducing you to the whole gang. Today, I'd like you to feast your lucky eyes on this sweet little thang... The Firenze! First on the RAD Minivite Wedding Collection, I'd like to take you on a a little behind the scenes inspiration:

As I've mentioned before, Italy is my dream country. I was fortunate enough to spend two whole weeks in Italy with my lovebug hubsicle. After visiting a slew of cities, Florence (or Firenze, as the Italians call it) was by far my favorite.

Firenze is the city I fell in love with in Italy. I mean, every city you want to just move right into, but something about the small size of Firenze, the beautiful Tuscan vineyards right out of the city, and all that this small city has to offer. There city of Firenze itself is pretty small, walking distance for sure, although walking all day in sandals, not the brightest idea (rita!). But with churches like the Duomo, views from PIazzala Michelangelo, gorgeous leather bags, tasty Bistecca Florentina (yummy steak according to the hubs), and so much delicious wine, who wouldn't want to set up camp and call it home!

The suite was a myriad of inspiration, but think of it as a nice bike stroll in the hills of Tuscany!