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San Jose, CA

Specializing in event stationery (but not limited to), my goal is to give you the opportunity to express your personality and style through design that exemplifies you. With over 10+ years in the design world and loving every second of it, coupled with my innate nature to help others, and being the planner at heart that I am, allow me to provide a one-of-kind design experience. Simply stated, Rita Alexis Design is smitten with all things design.


Rita Alexis Design blog's mission is to share knowledge for design + paper through super informative and beautifully curated posts. I hope to share my love for wedding stationery and design theory with anyone and everyone interested in the world of design!

Vendor Series: Aesthetics

Rita Garcia

Wedding Day Aesthetics really set the tone of your day and visually make an impact on all your memories. When thinking about aesthetics, it can get super easy to run down the rabbit hole of DIY with all that Pinterest and the interwebs has to offer. And as a master DIYer myself, I can tell you, it totally helps with budget, but not with time nor stress. 

I'll break down the key aesthetic design sections of your wedding and whether to DIY or not.



Let's start with what your guests first see: your wedding stationery. This can include your save the date, invite, thank you card and any paper design on the big day, however, we'll keep it to the mailed pieces.


The Save the Date and Invite are the first touch pieces of your wedding. They set the mood and tone of your big day. Not to mention they are the sole piece that communicate to your guests all the information about the wedding day. You can definitely throw something together or have your friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin do it, but I'd suggest you actually hire someone who has experience in the print design field. I suggest this, because this person will know how to properly set up the files, the turnaround times and how ink works on different types of paper. Remember, you're trusting them to get all important information out to your guests! 


And then there is the middle ground (between DIY and professional stationer)... the premade design templates. All production work and file setup will be done. Most information will be easily fillable, and you won't have too difficult of a time editing here and there. If you don't mind having a cookie-cutter invite nor do you mind doing some of the work yourself, yet still want the ease of not having to be a print production specialist, then pre-made designs might be your choice.


If you wanted to feel super comfortable and have the budget to do so, I'd suggest going with someone professional. You'll have peace of mind, a professional giving you advice on almost all aspects of your wedding day aesthetics, and you get to collaborate with your designer to get YOUR dream day stationery. 


The aesthetics of the big day are huge. They set the mood you want your guests to feel. You want candles everywhere and a dark room with gorgeous red roses covered with crystals, probably means this is going to be a seriously romantic and traditionally set day. If you have your wedding in a barn setting with hay stacks and daisies everywhere, probably means it's more of a light hearted day. Anyway you decide to make your wedding day is something you will have to envision and execute.


If you decide to DIY, just remember, you'll have to get ALL of the rules and regulations, specs, team to setup and take down, from other vendors and from your venue. It's really a balance of vendors, venue regulations, and sourcing all of this stuff to create a vision you should physically draw up. If you decide to go this route, make sure to have everything on paper (all contact information, when vendors are to arrive), and all things are cleared through your venue. Another thing to keep in mind is you may be the best DIYer in town! But it will definitely take up lots of time! I suggest grabbing all your beautiful bridesmaids and having Production parties. I did this with my babes and always provided food and drinks. They helped me and we got to spend some quality time together.

Additionally, I highly suggest a day-of coordinator to make sure all things are taken care of on the wedding day so you can enjoy it! Trust me. It's totally worth it!


If you have a vision but do not want to take up the time to research rental places, other vendors or DIY for months on end (I did this!), then make sure to budget for an event designer. They know how things work and you can just give them your vision and they will handle everything else! 

Additionally, if your wedding is going to be floral centric, may I suggest hiring a florist? These are perishable items and you really don't want to be stressing out about that stuff the day before your wedding.

It's really a matter of time vs money. If you have the time, are a master DIYer, and enjoy all that crafting offers, then you go DIYer! I can personally say, I loved DIYing everything. Although, it was overwhelmingly time consuming. If I could redo it again, I would definitely DIY, but add in more time! (Remember, I'm a professional designer, so I have a bit of an edge ;) )

However, if you're trying to save a penny by DIYing, but aren't really enjoying it, I'd suggest giving in and hiring a professional. Look at your calendar and your budget. Talk it over with your trusted bridesmaids and your lovable fiancee to see which areas you'd like to DIY and which you'd like a professional to handle. Trust me, you'll enjoy the process and wedding day all that much more if you know you've invested in the right areas!

If you have any questions, email me at and I'll be happy to help you find out which route is best for you. Trust me, I've been there!