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Specializing in event stationery (but not limited to), my goal is to give you the opportunity to express your personality and style through design that exemplifies you. With over 10+ years in the design world and loving every second of it, coupled with my innate nature to help others, and being the planner at heart that I am, allow me to provide a one-of-kind design experience. Simply stated, Rita Alexis Design is smitten with all things design.


Rita Alexis Design blog's mission is to share knowledge for design + paper through super informative and beautifully curated posts. I hope to share my love for wedding stationery and design theory with anyone and everyone interested in the world of design!

Choosing your Wedding Day Color Palette with Ease

Rita Garcia

The very first steps you can do after you've nailed down a wedding date is choose your colors. Whether it's a breeze for you or something you can't nail down, below, I'll break down color palette options in six little steps.

1. What Expresses you, your Fiancee, and your Love! 

What are colors your love, what are you typically drawn to, what about your fiancee? If you're a pink and black kind of gal, then chances are, you're going to want to stick to something in that area. You want colors that will express you and ignite your enthusiasm for the big day!

2. What Season is it?

Typically, colors are steered towards the season. Winter will have blues and silvers, or deep reds. Spring is full of pastels. Summer is bright and bold. And fall is muted and rich. Nature often has a big say in whether your flower color or bridesmaid dress will be in season, as well.

3. Get Inspired by Your Setting

Are you getting married in a rustic barn or a modern loft or a gardenesque scene? You might be able to transform the setting to your liking, however, if you don't plan on to, then let the setting help your vision, not try to cover it.

4. Ambiance is Dependent on your Color Choice

  • Color definitely affects mood. 
  • Deep, rich tones connote serious romanticism and drama
  • Bright colors connote happiness and whimsicalness
  • Pastel colors have a light-hearted feel
  • Muted colors have a softer, relaxed feel

5. Color Theory

Oh my favorite! I'll break down the color wheel in a later post, but here's what you need to know now.

  • Try to stick to 1-2 primary colors and 1-2 secondary colors. 
  • Primary colors are the ones leading the show. When people see your wedding, they'll immediately know what those two colors are because they are used in bulk (like color blocks and typefaces).
  • Secondary colors are there to support. They are there to make the primary colors look good. 

Example: If my primary colors are Raspberry and Navy, my supportive colors would be a blush pink. It works with the primary colors perfectly, but doesn't steal the show.

6. Think of the Big Picture

This may be difficult when you're saying, "I just got engaged!" But try to picture your actual day. Do you see what color your bridesmaids are wearing? What about the bouquets? And the centerpieces? It really helps to have a direction you want the day to go when choosing the little pieces to make it all happen!

Alrighty, thats the little advice I could muster up without completely overwhelming you! Any questions, please feel free to email me at