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San Jose, CA

Specializing in event stationery (but not limited to), my goal is to give you the opportunity to express your personality and style through design that exemplifies you. With over 10+ years in the design world and loving every second of it, coupled with my innate nature to help others, and being the planner at heart that I am, allow me to provide a one-of-kind design experience. Simply stated, Rita Alexis Design is smitten with all things design.



Rita Alexis Design blog's mission is to share knowledge for design + paper through super informative and beautifully curated posts. I hope to share my love for wedding stationery and design theory with anyone and everyone interested in the world of design!

RAD Bride Highlight: Estela

Rita Garcia

RAD Bride Highlight: Old Hollywood meets Movie Theme meets Art Deco = Estela and Christian's Wedding! I love a good themed wedding, and what designer doesn't love art deco?

You see, Estela and Christian's wedding was hosted at the vintage Fox Theater in Salinas. It's adorned by ornate gold fixtures and red velvet fabric. Their names were in the marquee and their posters were in the entry way. You can imagine, she thought of EVERY detail and it showed. It was simply gorgeous.

So how do I know this pretty lady? Well, I've known Estela since middle school (although, I believe we were in the same kindergarten class!). We've played high school sports together (#tallgirlsrule) but didn't really connect until after college when we decided to room together. This is where her and I really developed such a strong relationship. We were there for each other through the silly times, laughing on the couch, crying over sappy movies, crying to each other through life issues, and elated for each other through life's joys. I came to realize how genuine and kind-hearted she really is (like 10x nicer than you'd imagine)!

I hope you see the beauty that Estela created through her wedding day, and the beauty we created in her stationery!

If you're interested in custom invitations or day-of stationery, please check out my custom wedding design page or email me directly at

RAD Bride and Groom Highlight: Jessica and Ivan

Rita Garcia

Jessica and Ivan have been in my life since I can remember.

You see we've all gone to the same elementary school, middle school and high school together. However, I didn't actually know them until later in life. I met Ivan in middle school cause we were in the same classes with each other (from then through high school). And I officially met Jessica post college (!) when Ivan brought her out with us. Fast forward a couple of years and Jessica was one of my roomies and both of them were there for our Costa Rica trip when my husband proposed to me. They've also been there for some times when I was in tears. As you can tell, both Jessica and Ivan are near-and-dear to my heart, so when they wanted me to design their invitations and wedding day-of stationery, I was TOTALLY on board.

I absolutely loved that Jessica had a super refined and elegant style, and Ivan had the budget to match! Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. I hope you enjoy their stationery as much as I did designing it! #jessicaplusivan

If you're interested in custom invitations or day-of stationery, please check out my custom wedding design page or email me directly at

RAD [Freebie] Bridal Thank You Notes

Rita Garcia

Brides and engaged ladies, this one's for you! I know you're going to be a busy bee planning every detail of every aspect of your wedding.


And along the way, you're going to call on the help of your tribe (bridesmaids, cousins, sisters, moms, grandmas, dads, uncles, etc). In addition, you'll have a team of vendors that is going execute your dream wedding so you can relax and enjoy it.What I have for you are some cute bridal notes to thank those who have helped you along the way.

Download them below!



  1. Print out your favorite thank you note... or all of them!
  2. Simply cut along the perimeter of the solid lines.
  3. Then fold in half on the dotted line.
  4. Now write your sweet, personable note to your squad. 
  5. Deliver with a smile! 

Snap a photo and add #radbride!

Modern Mexican Styled Shoot Featured on 100 Layer Cake

Rita Garcia

Rita Alexis Design partnered with K2 Event Production and Betsie Wing to design a beautifully styled shoot inspired by a modern Mexican motif! Photography (all featured in this post, as well!): Betsi Ewing / Venue: The Ruby Street / Designer & Wedding Planner: K2 Event Production / Florist: Pigsty / Hair & Makeup: Paige of BE.NYLA / Printed Materials: Rita Alexis Design/ Baked Goods: Smoky Hollow Baking Co / Rentals: Classsic Party Rentals / Linens: Nuage DesignsLa Tavola / Bridal Gown: Galia Lahav / Shoes: Badgley Mishka / Groom’s Suit: Zara / Tie & Bowties: Neck & Tie Co / Custom Accessories: IZOLA & ODEME / Models: Isabella Grosso & Jeff Stanfield

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RAD September Mobile Wallpaper Freebie

Rita Garcia

September of last year was AMAZING. You want to know why?! Because my husband and I were blessed enough to visit the country you see in these wallpapers... ITALY! Photographed here is the famous Almalfi Coast... and it was simply magical!

You can view our wonderful trip here for more magical photos, but here's a glimpse into a couple of more wonderful sites from that trip.

Download your wallpaper below!

RAD [Freebie] Bridal Paper Fan

Rita Garcia

Story Time! My wedding was in the middle of August... aka HOT.


However, we never imagined it would be THAT hot. It was a whopping 95 degrees! Luckily only our ceremony was outside and the reception was inside (where the AC was pumping). In case you have the chance of a 95 degree wedding, here are some fun fans for the bride and bridesmaids! They can be used for props or to cool yourselves down!

Download them below!



  1. Print out the two pages per fan.
  2. Cut out any margins your printer may have.
  3. You'll glue or tape onto the portion that says to glue.
  4. Now fold, in a zig zag pattern, on the dotted lines.
  5. Voila! Fan is ready!

Snap a photo and add #radbride #radbridesmaid!

RAD Bride Highlight: Sarah Rachelle

Rita Garcia

Sarah and Gilad :: Sarah and Gilad's Wedding Day-of Stationery is the epitome of romantic elegance. Her vision is just beautiful and I am so glad I was able to work alongside such an amazing bride. Pictured are her menu and program... Not pictured, those amazing little escort cards and welcome signs!

Traditional and sophisticated floral motifs coupled with a whimsical script and a serif typeface. A dream, isn't it? 

If you're interested in a more custom route, please check out my custom wedding design page or email me directly at

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Mr. Gunn and I!

Rita Garcia

And just like that... 730 days / 104 weeks / 24 months / 2 years have passed since our perfect little day we were blessed enough to celebrate with our family and friends on 08.15.15.

We've gone on so many adventures from small trips down the coast of California, to large trips overseas; to little wins with new business and jobs, and some extraordinary heartbreaking losses. But there's no one in this world I'd rather rejoice in every single happy moment with or ugly cry on his shoulder with than that man I said "yes, I'll be your girlfriend" 6.5 years ago and "I do" to being your wife 2 years ago. Feels like we've experienced so many highs and lows and we're just getting started! I love you more than you will ever know.

Enough of the sappy stuff! Interested in what we did for our 2 year anniversary? Read below!



Sean + Rita

We decided to stay a bit local this anniversary since we're planning on another mini trip next month! Although, our local (Bay Area, California) is a wealth of fun and beautiful places, we decided on wine country–Napa, to be exact! 

Napa was absolutely gorgeous. From the more vintage homes, the smaller towns, the Summer Nights bands, the beautiful weather, the delicious food, to of course, the WINE... we were completely blissful. I've hinted to going through some life tribulations, so having this little getaway to celebrate our love was the PERFECT stay-cation. 

Friday night started with checking out a Friday night band playing near the river in downtown; followed by a delicious cheese platter. #softcheesesrock Next, we had tapas for the first time at Zuzu's. We were seated at the end of a longer table of a big party, so it wasn't exactly the romantic setting we were looking for, but hey, roll with the punches, right? #silverlining The food was DELICIOUS. I'm a nibbler/snacker, so tapas were perfect for me. We then went in search for ice cream, but unfortunately it was closed. At least I got to sit in a huge chair! 

Saturday came and we were ready for wine tasting. We went on the historic Napa Valley Wine Trolley and it was super fun! The wind in your face/hair everywhere was a bit much in the beginning, (yea, my beautiful curls were a bit less voluminous) but the weather was great!

First stop was Pestoni Winery! Five wines tasted and I was feeling goooood. You have to give me a break though. I hadn't had one ounce of alcohol in 4 months! I can't remember the wine name, but it was the first one (a white wine), but that was my favorite (of all the wines tasted–perhaps because it was the first wine?). And the chocolate sauce with wine was divine. I'm sure I just liked the chocolate though. Ha! Outside was gorgeous. We played cornhole and sat with large lady bugs! And I must note, I made quite a few in the cornhole, holding my purse, wineglass and in wedges on grass. #talent

Second stop was Raymond Vineyards! I was so excited about this place only because of the cool frames they had set up outside. The inside did not disappoint either! It definitely was themed throughout and seemed to cater to a younger crowd. We tasted in the Red Room. It was swanky and luxurious. Kind of like Hugh Hefner would like it or Moulin Rouge could be filmed there. By this time, I'm pretty buzzed. And although only my husband saw, I rolled on my ankle taking a photo near the frames outside. But to be fair, there was a dip in the grass that I didn't see–hence the awkward stance. And I fell pretty gracefully. #dontjudge

Next on the trolley stop was Cosentino! Here, we were served lunch. And thankfully so since I was in need of something to absorb this alcohol. The food was from The Girl and the Fig and was delicious! (Sandwiches, pasta, fig cookies, brownies). We all sat at a long table and had fun chatting with everyone. Our wine sommelier was pretty awesome. He knew his stuff, was personable, funny, a legit chef, AND a football star from ASU (with a massive ring to prove it!). 

Our last stop #sadface was Andretti. We were all about drinking the wine and playing in the vines (to taste the grapes!). At this point, I don't even remember the taste of these wines. Perhaps why it was the last stop?

We were then dropped off by the Oxbow Market. Why we decided to eat again, not sure. But we did. I didn't eat much, but definitley saved room for dessert! #ricemilkforthewin When we arrived back at our hotel, I don't remember even falling asleep! But 2 hours later, in daze, we decided to go back out on the town. We were both a little out of it but grabbed a snack and more wine. The restaurant we chose ended up turning into a mini club which was pretty cool. Although it was a bit odd seeing these young (and some older) folks dancing to "This is how we do it"... drinking hard alcohol... in Napa. #shrugs

Our SnapChat of a silly time!

The next morning, thankfully, I had no hangover. We decided to have a picnic in the adorable town of Yountville (10 miles above Napa) which is like a mini French town. Our picnic, unfortunately was cut short by some bees, so we headed out. It was fairly early at that point, so we decided to go to this elusive castle our Trolley drover mentioned–Castello di Amorosa. And OMG, it's a legit castle... with bricks and animals! The views from up there were also super gorgeous. All in all, an AMAZING getaway.

On our ACTUAL anniversary (8.15, a Tuesday), we took it easy. We had Ethiopian food for the first time (super yum!) and cuddled watching Netflix. But we started it off re-reading our vows to one another. Of course, I teared up. #sap From adventures to simple pleasures, no one I'd rather do them with than my hubs. <3

RAD August Mobile Wallpaper Freebie

Rita Garcia

Can you believe it's August?!

I took a bit of a break from my social media... but I'm back! As we enter a new month, it's reminds me of the beginnings of a fresh start. I heard a wise and amazing man (#barackobama) say about an extraordinary woman (#michelleobama) she had GRIT & GRACE. I thought those were two words that complemented each other so well despite being so polar opposite. Personally, I've been through the ringer the past couple of months and I plan on taking on August and the future with #gritandgrace. Although I can be a bit more gritty than graceful, but I also give myself grace through those rougher periods. You can remind yourself of this motto by downloading your free wallpaper here

RAD June Mobile Wallpaper Freebie

Rita Garcia

Summa Summa Time!

Enjoy the heat and this adorable little wallpaper for your mobile FREE! Get yours below!


RAD Bride Highlight: Joelle

Rita Garcia

Joelle was a complete delight to work with. Granted, I already knew that considering we are college sorority sisters (Kaaayyyy Deee!) But she really was one silly bride with impeccable taste. She recently had her best-day-yet this past Saturday and I want to wish her a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Take a look at the gorgeous invitation suite we designed together for that magical day.

Photo Feb 04, 11 38 12 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 04, 11 38 17 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 04, 11 38 28 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 04, 11 38 48 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 04, 11 38 34 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 04, 11 38 43 AM.jpg

Traditional and sophisticated floral motifs coupled with a whimsical script and a serif typeface. A dream, isn't it? 

If you love this invitation design, please check out the RAD Firenze Minivite, which has similar aesthetics. And if you're interested in a more custom route, please check out my custom wedding design page or email me directly at

RAD Annual Jolly Card

Rita Garcia

Today is always a mix of emotions for me. But like the card says, I always try to take the JOLLY approach. So, print this free card and send it to a friend that makes you feel all warm and Jolly inside. I'm sure they'd appreciate it more than you know.


My sweet Jolly passed of Marfan Syndrome, which no one knew he had. If you're interested in helping in a cause that helps those with Marfan Syndrome, please check out this link here:


Mama's Day Mini Card Freebie!

Rita Garcia

With Mother's Day around the corner, you should definitely take some time to make sure you're honoring that special little lady. In addition to your flowers, chocolates, spa dates, or dinners out, give them this pretty little card (along with some awesome personal words from you)! And don't worry, grandma gets one, too Grab yours below!

Cinco De Mayo Cake Toppers

Rita Garcia

Cinco de Mayo is always fun to celebrate since I get to celebrate part of my culture! It is important to know that this celebration is of the victory of The Battle of Puebla over the French, and not the Mexican Independence Day :) Now that the history lesson is over, go ahead and grab your cute little cake toppers, flan toppers, pan dulce toppers, or whatever your little corazon desires!

May Flowers Free Mobile Wallpaper

Rita Garcia

Oh la la! We're officially into May! Bring on the heat. Bring on the flowers. Bring on the sunny long sunny days! And I'm bringing some pretty flowers to your handheld BFF. Grab yours below!


Last Chance to Win RAD Minivite Launch Goodies! [RAD MINIVITE LAUNCH]

Rita Garcia


Tomorrow is the day! At 10pm Pacific Time on April 27th, the RAD Minivite Wedding Collection Launch will officially be over.

You can definitely STILL be a RAD bride and purchase a Minivite, but you won't be eligible for these awesome freebies. #sadface If you're a bride who's pinching her pennies, or simply loves free stuff, then you'll want to jump on this now!

And like I said earlier in the details blog, if you purchase now (to be eligible for the freebies), but maybe aren't ready to move forward with the invites, YOU CAN! I'll send you a timeline of when we should get started and you'll have it all ready.


On the last day of the raffle giveaway, I'm raffling off a Save the Dates to match your invite suites! Yay! Such a good raffle prize, right?!

Keep in mind, these are FREE for one winner per one giveaway, but only if you purchase during the Launch! You'll have until April 27th at 10pm Pacific Time (aka tomorrow!) to be eligible for the launch. If this sounds like something you're on board with, then go ahead and send me an email OR grab your RAD suite before the launch giveaways end!

Here's a recap of all the wonderful launch raffle goodies you become eligible if you purchase your RAD Minivite Collection before 10pm Pacific Time TOMORROW NIGHT!

Custom Geo SnapChat Filter•  Personalized Address Labels*  •  Personalized Sticker*  •  Envelope Liners *  •  Custom Illustration • Save the Dates*

*Digital print of 100 quantity.

Introducing The Lucca [RAD Minivite Launch]

Rita Garcia


Alas, we've come to the last, but certainly not least, suite unveiling of RAD Minivite Wedding Collection. Last drumroll please... Introducing The Lucca! A little behind the scenes inspiration:

Surprise, surprise… another Tuscan city :) The city of Lucca is a walled city with beautiful gothic architecture–hence the dark muted colors. But if you know me, you know i'm a fan of color. The pop of color in the suite mimic the ray of light that shines through the stained-glass windows of these gothic cathedrals. Check out all the bold details on the site today! 

And don't forget about the other suites–The Positano, The Firenze, The Ravenna, and The Venezia, or else they might get a little jealous ;P Tomorrow is the last day to grab ahold of those awesome Launch Goodies, so don't forget to purchase your RAD Minivite to be eligible!

Want to see the entire collection? Check out the RAD Minivite Collection Page below:

Your RAD Minivite Wedding Collection Questions Answered [RAD MINIVITE LAUNCH]

Rita Garcia


Can you believe this is the last week of the launch giveaway raffle? Craziness. It also means my birthday is coming closer! yay :D In case you're wondering how the entire process would go if you decided to be a RAD bride and purchase a minivite from my collection, here are some quick details you might be interested in.


Do I have to buy now? My wedding date is far out.

If you want to be eligible for the giveaway, yes, you have to purchase now. However, I'll send you a timeline of when we will get started.. and I'll keep you on track.

What if I don't know all the details of my wedding yet?

No worries! Like I said above, we can work at your pace. I'll of course send you friendly emails to keep you on track, but this is YOUR wedding. So I'll follow your lead, my dear.

Do you offer a payment plan?

You bet I do! I can break it down in 4 increments for you. However, before you receive your invites, you'll have to pay in full. But send me an email, and we can discuss it further

How many suites do you have available?

I have 5 beautiful suites for you to choose from.

How many invites do I get?

You're given 100! If you need more, I can definitely send a new estimate with the addition of what you need.

Why are they called minivites?

They are smaller than your average invite. They are around 3.5x5.5 in size (versus the 7x5 of the traditional invite). And since they are mini--hence MINIvites.

What is digital?

Digital is essentially the printing process. It means it's printed on a digital printer (kind of like when you get your pictures printed). If you ever see the word "Letterpress" or "Foil" those are totally different printing techniques, are more time consuming, and definitely more expensive.

What's Uncoated Paper?

It means it is matte--so no glossy shine here!

What's the timing on these minivites?

Depending on your response (from the start of the design), the design final turnaround should be no more than 2 weeks. The production time (printing and shipping) should take no longer than an additional 2.5 weeks. Total timing of design and production should be around 1 month.

Can I make changes to the minivites?

Absolutely! With your purchase you receive two rounds of changes that include content (names, dates, location, essentially the copy), and colors.

What if I need more changes?

Not a problem! At an additional $35 per round, we can make those changes for you. Additional changes that do not include content or colors (for example fonts or background) will TBD by request.

Does that answer more of your questions? Good! If not, please email me at and ask away!


Today, I'm raffling off a Personalized Illustration of you and your fiancee. Yay! I love illustrating friends, family, and RAD brides. Here are a couple I created. Keep in mind, these are FREE for one winner per one giveaway, but only if you purchase during the Launch! You'll have until April 27th at 10pm Pacific Time to be eligible for the launch. If this sounds like something you're on board with, then go ahead and send me an email OR grab your RAD suite before the launch giveaways end!


We're almost done with the raffle giveaways for the Rita Alexis Design Minivite Wedding Collection Launch raffle giveaways are now the following:

Custom Geo SnapChat Filter•  Personalized Address Labels*  •  Personalized Sticker*  •  Envelope Liners *  •  Custom Illustration

*Digital print of 100 quantity.

Introducing The Venezia Suite [RAD Minivite Launch]

Rita Garcia


And then there were two... left! This next suite definitely packs a punch! It is one my heart flutters for with it's boldness! Introducing this bad gal, The Venezia of the RAD Minivite Wedding Collection! A little behind the scenes inspiration:

Venice or Venezia as the Italians call it, with it’s water labyrinthine calli (streets), marble palaces, and colorful buildings makes it one of the most fantastical cities. And if you play your times correctly, you’ll even experience pedestrians turn into masked creatures during the Carnivale! Magical, bold, and fantastical. Check out all the cute details below!